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2011 Equinox 1LT V6 3.0L FWD 174.6k miles
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ChevyMgr said:
What I don't understand is if her tires wore out at 6000 miles, why didn't she take it in and get the alignment done under normal warranty. Alignments are covered to 7500 miles and if an alignment causes tire damage at 6000 miles, the dealer replaces the tires at no charge.
Because she's a woman? Hate to say it but most women are oblivious to the maintenance of their automobiles. The extent of their involvement begins and ends with the turn of the key. If the car starts, everything must be OK, and if it doesn't start ... well ... somebody better fix it F-A-S-T !!

What I don't understand is why didn't the dealership help her out here? Don't most women regularly take their cars to dealerships to be serviced? Bad tires are certainly NOT something ANY woman is going to pick up on - unless the tire blows out while driving or is discovered flat.
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