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Gas smell

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Not sure if I am going crazy but I feel like everytime i pull my truck in the garage there is an odor of gas.

Sort of like if you spilled iton your car when filling up or if you poured from a can into lawnmower. It lasts for a while then disappates. Sometimes I get the smell in the cabin as well.

Has anyone else run into this??
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Terrain Recalls

You would think that GM would make it possible to enter your vin and get a list of pending recalls.

Are there any current recalls for the 4 cylinder AWD without the NAV or DVD system? We are heading South soon in our new Terrain and I would want to take it to the dealer before we leave if need be.
Re: Terrain Recalls

SnowItch said:
Actually they do. If you subscribe to the yahoo group and register your vehicle, they do list pending recalls.
I had looked for something like that a couple times and never saw it. Now I do. Thanks. Says: Pending Recalls (0).
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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