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Gas Cap, Gas Cap Cover remain accessible when Terrain is locked and Alarm armed.

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Gas Cap, Gas Cap Cover remain accessible when locked and Alarm armed.
I know there's another thread going on somewhere but don't have time to search for it, so started a new one.
Maybe Staff can merge.

Anyway, our Terrain is sitting peacefully locked up in the garage with the alarm armed.
The gas cap cover opens and I can unscrew the cap open.
We will be looking for a locking gas cap for our Terrain.
Surprised GM didn't include a cover latch release inside the vehicle, but what the heck, it is what it is and we still love it!
Just FYI.
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You're right....I checked mine too....vehicle locked and can still open gas door etc. When I was at dealers picking up my mud guards last week I asked if a locking gas cap was available...he said not yet. So I'm thinking maybe at a later date?
I believe it was Monaco who said it did lock, BUT that was just because he trusted his salesperson who said that it did. He later checked it and confirmed as we all have that it does not lock when vehicle is locked. I honestly dont care that it doesnt lock. Think about it, it someone really wanted to open your gas door to siphon gas, do you think a locking latch is going to help? Even a locking gas cap is of little deterent. Thieves are a piece of sh*t and if they want it bad enough, they'll get it.
Re: Gas Cap, Gas Cap Cover remain accessible when Terrain is locked and Alarm ar

Very good points, and after thinking about it some more yesterday, here's another "reason/what if"
What if you're latch release broke?
You'd have to pry the cover open!
Maybe GM is actually thinking ahead after some real world feedback?
I've never had a locking gas cap on anything except motorcycles myself.
My Acura's had a latch, but Silverado's and Trailblazers have not. '02 Camaro doesnt either.
Haven't vehicles had anti-siphon baffles in their tanks for years? I have always owned domestic vehicles and have never had a locking cap or a locking door on any of them.

I think the only thing to be worried about would be that someone might put sugar or sand in your tank or something like that.
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