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Like many here, I was a bit disappointed that my Terrain didn't come with any of type of Homelink device for my garage door. Looking for a solution, I had purchased the Chamberlain KLIK1U garage door remote and was planning to mount it in my car using velcro. I tried mounting it just below the handle for the center console but decided that I didn't like it there. Then I decided to keep it in the small upper storage area on the driver's side door. That spot proved to be inconvenient as it wasn't that easy to get to the remote. After thinking about it further, I decided that for security reasons I didn't like the idea of keeping a garage door opener in the car at all. I wanted to find a small keychain remote that could control at least two doors just like the KLIK1U.

My research led me to the Chamberlain 956EV Garage Keychain Remote and this thing is awesome! It's a tiny little remote (almost identical in size to my key fob itself but lighter) and it can control 3 different doors. I programmed it to control my garage door (green learn button), my mother's garage door (orange learn button) and my sister's garage door (purple learn button) and I would say it took less than three minutes total to program it to work for all three doors. All you do is use a paper clip or whatever to press a tiny button on the remote to activate programming mode, press the learn button on the garage door opener and then repeatedly press the button on the remote that you want to use to control that particular door. Once the light on the garage door opener flashes, you simply press one of the other two buttons on the remote and the remote is programmed. It could not have been easier and I'm so impressed that this tiny remote can control three different garage doors. If you guys don't want to keep a garage door opener in your car, I highly recommend you look into this thing. It says that it will only work with 315MHz or 390MHz garage door openers manufactured after January 1, 1993 and your garage door needs to have safety sensors. It works with green, red, orange, purple and yellow learn buttons so chances are it will work with most openers out there. I just got it yesterday so I can't really comment on its longevity or whatever, but it's cheap enough (I paid $32.25) that I'm not even worried about it. This thing is so convenient and I love the idea of having a garage door remote on my keychain instead of in my car. Highly recommended. Hope this helps some of you guys.
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