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Did you go with a FWD or an AWD Terrain?


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So, did you go with the Front Wheel Drive (FWD) model, or did you upgrade to the All Wheel Drive (AWD) one? I'm curious to see which model is selling better.

*If you ordered recently or waiting for delivery, please vote!

**If you're thinking about ordering/buying/leasing a Terrain and know which one you're getting, please vote!

I'm not sure which model I'd go for. Instinctively, I want AWD for the added safety, but I live in southern NJ and we don't see that much snow to concern me (though it's nice to have the safety of AWD, do I really want to pay in fuel mileage for something not needed as much - yes I know, AWD helps out in rain too). My mom hates driving in snow/rain and her '05 Saturn VUE has AWD; friends have a '02 VUE I-4 FWD and love it, but the wife wants AWD in her next CUV for the "added safety".
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In the SRX I went V8 AWD since it was a novelty to me at the time. The handling is awe-inspiring in rain or snow as well as on dry pavement. The downside is the AWD with all it's ancillary mechanicals seems to really suck up the horsepower. It also does no good to gas mileage although that's never a primary driver behind a vehicle purchase. Over the years I've been spoiled by exceptional Cadillac gas mileage so was somewhat surprised the SRX put me back to '67 GTO levels. Suspect the SRX would cut the Goat in the quarter, having said that.

Ideally, believe the better solution might be 4WD that one can engage as needed, e. g., Avalanche. While there's still some extra weight, I don't believe that weight is causing a direct drag on the motor until it's engaged to the front axle. My '03 Av, for example, typically reached 17 MPG during the daily commute. My driving style is unnecessarily aggressive so we're not talking 45 MPH.
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