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Did you go with a FWD or an AWD Terrain?


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So, did you go with the Front Wheel Drive (FWD) model, or did you upgrade to the All Wheel Drive (AWD) one? I'm curious to see which model is selling better.

*If you ordered recently or waiting for delivery, please vote!

**If you're thinking about ordering/buying/leasing a Terrain and know which one you're getting, please vote!

I'm not sure which model I'd go for. Instinctively, I want AWD for the added safety, but I live in southern NJ and we don't see that much snow to concern me (though it's nice to have the safety of AWD, do I really want to pay in fuel mileage for something not needed as much - yes I know, AWD helps out in rain too). My mom hates driving in snow/rain and her '05 Saturn VUE has AWD; friends have a '02 VUE I-4 FWD and love it, but the wife wants AWD in her next CUV for the "added safety".
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AWD is pretty much a most for the roads we travel during winter, not uncommon to have 6-10 inches of snow covering on the road with taller drifts. This winter was very nice, my wife didnt get stuck once, she usually would 2-3 times with her impala. And mileage is identical to the impala's. Easily worth the extra $1750 in my opinion.

The other thing is in the midwest (anyways) it will hold its resale much better being AWD.
grometsc said:
I agree that AWD gives better starting traction (see above 2 post)....But you have to move past the "starting" to see where TIRES have more effect than the drive system. FWD/AWD are better at slipperly starting than RWD, with AWD beating out FWD. But how does FWD/AWD or RWD help you stop at the red light in a slippery condition? How does FWD/AWD/RWD help your rear from coming out from under you while turning in slipperly conditions (dont say because the back wheels are spinning....if you think that then why isnt RWD good at this?, atleats with RWD you can properly drift)
The problem with the back end comming out and stopping is usually caused from over driving, not allowing enough time to stop etc. The anti-lock brakes and StabiliTrak will help more than anything with that. I dont think snow tires on a two wheel drive even compare, maybe if the AWD happened to have 4 flat tires. I have done my far share of rocking vehicles also.

Changing out tires and such, for the cost, could have just added AWD and been done with it.
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