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Fun thing to do

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What is fun when you are about to park in a lot is to find a new Lexus, BMW or Acura crossover the same color as your Nox and park next to it. Then wait and watch the face of that driver when they come back to their car. Your Nox is better looking, has the same options and cost 25% less and has OnStar! Oh, that is a good time! No, listen, I'm really not an evil person. ::)
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This stuff is sooo funny. My wife and I were at a restaurant last week. As we're walking out in the parking lot, there's this guy walking around my Terrain looking at everything. As we get closer, he does the hands on the window thing just as I press the unlock on the remote. He's a little embarrassed, but blurts out it's the first one he's seen and he just had to look. He says it looks much better than he expected and I told him just about everything on the car is better than I expected.

By the way, my neighbors love their new Terrain too. Now we've got a mocha and a merlot Terrain next door to each other!
Even though I may have a Terrain next door, I still REALLY feel I have some exclusivity as I only see another one every week or so elsewhere. There just aren't any of these out there. I do see a new NOX more often, but even those are really scarce out there. I think it will be quite some time before the newness gets overwhelmed by the numbers of these cars on the road!
luthermo07---You are absolutely right! I have not yet seen one Terrain on the road that looks nearly as good as mine!!! Wow--I feel better already.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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