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Fun thing to do

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What is fun when you are about to park in a lot is to find a new Lexus, BMW or Acura crossover the same color as your Nox and park next to it. Then wait and watch the face of that driver when they come back to their car. Your Nox is better looking, has the same options and cost 25% less and has OnStar! Oh, that is a good time! No, listen, I'm really not an evil person. ::)
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I know what you mean. But it can also be a bit un-nerving .
A couple of times I've found hand prints. (Just the 2 sides of the hands) on my windows.
Like someone cupping there face to look in. Black with tinted windows. So you don't know if they were admirers or scoping thieves.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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