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Fuel Delivery Reset Switch

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When I worked for Ford, (I said worked for, I've always owned GM!! :thumb:) all the Ford vehicles had a Fuel Pump/Delivery Reset Switch on the passenger side hidden somewhere that had to be reset if the car was involved in a collision. It was a neat feature, if you were in a wreck the car would cut the fuel pump off and stop all fuel delivery to the motor, thus the need for the reset switch to turn it back on so you could restart the car. I have a 2010 Terrain now, and was just wondering if they have something like that? I can't find it, so I'm assuming no, that's not to say I'm right though. Maybe you guys can give me a definitive YES or NO. Thanks.
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IIRC, Ford's used to tell you about it in the Owners Manual, and GM doesn't mention it, so I'd guees it doesn't have it. But, just a guess.
Ford is the only one that I know of that uses that goofy inertia switch, everyone else uses an auto shut down relay that does the same thing and just requires a key cycle.
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