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I have a step by step fix to help when the OnStar System disconnects calls when pressing the blue button on the mirror.

If you have an active OnStar Subscription in your Equinox, and the Mirror LED is solid green but doesn't get through to OnStar this Article is for you to try before spending hours with GM TAC or bringing to a GM Dealership for a fix..

This might work for Equinox Models 2010-2013 but I have confirmed it works for 2014-2017 Models.

Symptom: Rearview Mirror OnStar LED solid green, but cannot reach the OnStar Callcenter when the blue button is pressed.

Problem: The Telematics Control Module (OnStar "Black Box" needs rebooted)


1. Make sure the Equinox is off and the Infotainment System / OnStar System is not running by ensuring the Ignition Key is not inserted and open / close the driver door deactivation Retained Accessory Power.

2. Open the Passenger Side Front Door and locate the fuse panel on the left hand side of the passenger seating area near the floor / glove box / map pockets.

3. Open the Fuse Panel on the Passenger Side Front and it should expose the fuse panel and fuses for the various systems.

Note: If you don't have any tools on hand GM includes a fuse puller located in the other fuse panel block under the hood of the vehicle on the drivers side front under the hood that you can use. It is a white plastic piece located on the right side front of the fuse block under the hood. You can open the fuse block under the hood by squeezing the 2 release tabs and lifting up on the panel to obtain the fuse puller.

4. Once you have the fuse puller or a Needle Nose Plier you will want to look at the diagram on the back of the fuse cover for the interior fuse panel they are all numbered.

5. You will want to locate Fuse # 33 which could be labeled different based on the model year. This was for a 2015 LTZ with the 3.6L V6. The Fuse is called Communication Interface Module in the Owners Manual. This fuse is a 10 amp fuse and should say "10A" on it.

6. With the Engine Off and Infotainment System / OnStar System not on Retained Accessory Power (Off State) go ahead and pull the 10A fuse in location #33.

7. Close the passenger side door and wait about 15-30 minutes (I waited 15)

8. Reinstall the #33 10A Fuse in the Fuse Panel and Reinstall the Interior Fuse Panel Cover

9. If you used the fuse puller under the hood go ahead and put it back with the fuse panel under the hood.

10. Go ahead and start the vehicle and take it for a short drive

Note: You will see "CAL" in the Driver Information Console after you start the vehicle but once you start driving the compass function should return and display normally as well as the OnStar System.

What this does is effectively reboot the Telematics Control Module (OnStar Black Box in the Equinox) and can save a trip to the GM Dealer.

11. Park the vehicle and attempt to connect to OnStar by pressing the blue button verifying a solid green LED on the mirror before pressing the button

12. It should connect to OnStar successfully and you should reach an Advisor.
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