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First oil change was a problem

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I went to wallmart. I know that was the first mistake. Told them I need an oil change just the basic no problem. Then Rey asked the model and year. After I told him it was a 2011 gmc he told me that they can't do the basic oil change on any 2011 GM vehicles. But they could do the $60.00 oil change. Rather than $30.00 . I left and went to a dealer near by they said no problem $19.95 but I have to make an appointment. And that's what I did so I guess the moral is don't go to wallmart.
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USFwrestler said:
Now I got a question, I know the 4cyl. "requires" synthetic, but does that go for the 6 cyl as well? I'm planning on using synthetic, but was just wondering

"Yes" feel free to use a synthetic blend or 100% syn.[/color]

Also, do the cars come with blended? Yes[/color]
IMO full synthetic is the way to go, but wasn't sure because my dealer told me it was synthetic, but have been reading it's synthetic blend. More often than not, dealer front end staff won't be right up on the correct terms. Synthetic to them could be either the blend or 100% syn.[/color]

And referring to the Wally World comments
I've only used Synthetic, and honestly, I go to Walmart for every oil change because there $55 oil change is worth it. They don't give me garbage oil (I ask for Mobil 1) which is a personal favorite, and they don't use that nasty bin oil, I ask for bottles every time and they always take care of me.

Nothing wrong with Mobil1, we used to use it religiously but over the last few years have opted for AmsOil Euro blend[/color]

I've never used the ACDelco stuff that's in the cars, been using Mobil 1 on all my vehicles
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