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So I went back to New Brunswick from Barrie for the Christmas Holidays (1600+ KMs each way) and put 4,500 KMs on it all in. Both going and coming back were pretty crazy snow storms. I have the Carbon Black SLT-2 V6 AWD w/ Navi and RSE (Rear Seat DVD). A few things from this trip:
- I love the truck. It performed SO well in the snow and slush!
- There was lots of room for everyone/thing. I had myself, the wife, son, brother-in-law, gifts for multiple families and 5 suitcases (plus a kennel - folded down).
- DVD System was fantastic. Everyone in the back really enjoyed it. Brought along the Wii. Had it in the center console. Worked great for everyone.
- Gas - was getting about 10.1 l/100km Hwy. Overall for the trip was 10.9 l/100km.
- Love having the rear seat child lock control at the dash vs. the manual door switch way.
- Navigation was perfect and ETA was bang on.
- The high beam notification light is pretty annoying.. too bright.
- Really wish the windows had auto-up (like a lot of other people have mentioned)
- Got my second rock chip on the windshield :(
- Really weird thing happened with the Navigation system. It alerted me to a traffic situation in Montreal. I clicked on "More Info" button and the display froze on this screen. I pulled off the highway and turned off the truck (key out of iginition) and the display stayed on this screen. Finally after cycling the key several times all went back to normal.

Overall - really happy with the truck purchase!
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