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First Experience Towing - It passed with flying colours

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Hello All...

It's been a while since either myself or TG has posted, but I wanted to post up about my recent experience this weekend with TG's SLT-1, Inline 4.

We have a modest 4x6 utility trailer (long story but it was a steal paid only $100 for it! LOL) Anyways, we are in the midst of doing a major master bathroom renovation. Found mold so we had to go back to the 2x4's and rip out insulation.

Well I have ripped everything out of the bathroom, walls (drywall with tile), vanities, toilet, tub, floor (tiled had to go), insulation, plastic, trim. Basically just imagine it is completely bare and down to the sub-floor.

So I had been using the trailer as my "dumpster" while I was ripping everything out. This Saturday it was completely filled, and I had nothing left to "throw out" so off to the landfill / municipal recyclers I go.

Hook up the trailer for the first time, have to say the hitch attachment and the light plug are nicely located near one another. No need to lots of wiring from trailer to socket.

Based on the numbers from the scale at the landfill, I had approximately 460 kg's of "garbage".

So what was the result of pulling it with the Terrain? AMAZING! It did a great job, the drive took me from roughly 50 KM/H up to 75 KM/H, at no point in time did it feel like the Terrain was straining to pull it. shifting was smooth, acceleration was not laborious, stopping was excellent didn't feel like I was being pushed when stopping.

All in all I was very impressed and please with it's performance.

Hope this helps others.


TG's Hubby!
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Glad to hear it met your expectaions, I will probably not ever tow anything with my Terrain because of my Sierra, but glad to hear it performed !
Good to hear. I have and SLT-1 I4 on order and have been wondering about the towing. All I have is a Sea-Doo, so that should be trivial. About the electrical connector, any chance of taking a photo and posting it here? I haven't been able to find any pictures of it. Is it the round or flat style? Does anyone know if it incorporates a brake controller, or if one should be added? Just wondering, but for the I4 with a 1500lb limit, I would imagine that's not a concern.

It's flat on the SLT-2. That's all I know since I'm like tmm2good and will never tow anything. I never knew there were different type plugs. All I've ever seen were round ones.
I have the Nox with the I-4. I have towed our 4x8 utility trailer (500 lbs) and my quad runner (560 lbs) and 2 water jugs with 5 gals in each, a 287 lb rototiller and various tools in it. It did an admirable job. Took the expressway north and back about 60 miles and easily maintained 68 mph with minimal downshifting. The suspension handled the tongue weight very well. Im HAPPY :>)
Thanks everyone for the responses.

I just wanted to give an update as I had not seen anywhere that someone had posted about it towing something.

Chad - To answer your question there is no brake hook up. However I found images off the internet of what the wiring harness and the connector look like, I hope this helps.


TG's Hubby
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Thanks! That's what I expected it to look like.

No problem Chad...

If I can be of assistance to anyone else with questions just let me know.


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