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Fully charmed. Flawless SUV, superb driving response, outstanding fuel economy.

I bought a SLE 1 - 3 months ago, it is the basic version of the Terrain here (And everywhere in North America). Paid price is 35785 $ CAD including taxes, wich is a lot for a guy like me, whos putting the bread on the table by working for his own little computer shop. Im doing around 30000 km a year (City only). Im a GMC lover, i had (Except for my hated 2009 Jeep Compass) 6 Pontiac Montana or Transport on my business duty. I was gifted to get flawless GMC cars that did the job done all those years.

With the Terrain, its different. Better. GMC finally learned you cant put an old 3.4 Liter (With prehistoric gasket problems) in all its products without loosing the joint . Interior/exterior quality is outstanding. Paint finish is wonderful and the improved technology is forwarding the competition. Im not saying it is perfect, but i surelly noticed that GMC is going back to the ol' good days where a car was a ''real'' car with all the respect for the consumers...
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