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First 2010 Terrain Glitch

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Don't know if it is all related, but.....

My December OnStar diagnostic email said my tire pressures were low. The in-car reading was mixed. I checked with a gadge and they were all spot on.

I took the vehicle in for an oil change, tire rotation and 15K service ($220 worth of service) on Friday (New Years Eve). The next day I went for a short drive and a warning screen popped up saying there was no pressure (or no reading from) the left rear tire. I stopped (thinking I somehow had a flat), but the tire looked fine (just like the other three).

I figured that during the service visit tire rotation, something had not been connected correctly or had come loose. I took the Terrain back to the dealer service this morning. They said that the sensor was defective and replaced it (no charge - warrenty).

Anyway, this is the first problem I have experienced with my 15,050 miles 2010 Terrain.
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on my GM's.
2010 traverse and 07 Impala.
our Onstar email comes every x days from the previous one.
It usually takes the sample- at 1st engine start of that day.
which is usually when we go to work.

This is also 1st thing at 630 am. at the coldest part of the day pretty much- when the tires are at their lowest.
when you got the email--- you may have already driven some miles to warm up the tires- and get them up to their proper range...
and you got an OK reading.

When I set my tire pressure-- I will put air in tires the day before (to about 39 PSI)- and the next morning- at their Los Angeles coldest- will AIR DOWN the tire to 35 PSI.
this way- for the next month or so-- the tires will always be at 35 PSI at their coldest.
If I see PSI drop below that-- either the temps have dropped more-- or air has slowly been lost over the previous x weeks.
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