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thats awesome! Unfortunately this specific set up was made and sold years ago and finding one is like a diamond in the rough. I got lucky.

However, people on here use this setup which will lower more than mine, but is readily available:

2007 Saturn vue redline struts will work for the front along with megan racing springs for the same year and vehicle.

Specialty Products 87420 rear alignment kit to keep the rear alignment in spec, it will not come in without these
Hey! Sorry to revive an old thread here, but I'm possibly looking at lowering my equinox (I'm hesitant- Why put money into this car when I could get a separate project car and make that my money pit? Anyway-)

So I've heard a lot about the Saturn Vue Redline setup where you use the Megan Racing lowering springs made for an '07 or '08 Vue Redline, and swap out the struts. But you said "2007 Saturn Vue redline struts will work for the front, along with megan racing springs..."- Does that mean just the fronts, and not the rears? Are the rears the same? What's different about the fronts that I would have to swap them out, and not the front? I understand the concept of needing different struts to match a lower ride height/shorter spring, but why the fronts and not the rears? Or am I just reading that wrong? 馃槀 Thank you for any advice/help!
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