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Extended Warrenty - Looking for opinions

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I just joined a couple days ago and this is my first time posting a question. I ordered an SLT-2, 4-cyl, FWD, Carbon Black Metalic with black leather interior 3 weeks ago. According to I have a build date of April 12th. Hoping to have it here by the end of April. SE Pennsylvania.

I'm looking to see if anyone has purchased the extended warrenty and what they soaked you for it. With all the extra electronics and gadgets on a 1st year vehicle I'm considering spending the extra money.
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I went thru GMAC...2 Years...$22mo..If I payed for it after the 3 years are up it would have been way more...
Welcome, JKUH61 and enjoy your ride when it comes in!
We purchased the ext'd waranty.
I'll have to ask the missus what we paid for it.
With all the extra electronics and gadgets
I had the same concern. With the miles I drive, my bumper to bumper warranty was going to be done in a year and a half and I was a bit worried about getting burned. I believe my dealer charged about $750 to make it 5 years, 100,000 miles bumper to bumper.
My dealer is trying sell me a tire & wheel warrenty for $550 good for 5yrs no
deductable . Should I take him on it.
My dealer is trying sell me a tire & wheel warrenty for $550 good for 5yrs no
deductable . Should I take him on it.
My dealer offered me the same thing. It didn't strike me as being a particularly good value if I consider my lifetime experience with wheels and tires. I've never had to replace a wheel and only replaced 2 or 3 tires due to the type of thing covered by the warranty. Based on that it didn't appear to be worth the cost. That's not to say I won't have a problem on the way home tonight, but statistically, it appears unlikely that the wheel/tire warranty would be worthwhile for me.
I am not sure If its worth it, I guess it depends on the price, The powertrain goes out top 100k, So since that the is expensve part and mainatnce,

Also 3rd parties due to sell them, so not sure the difference...
If you want the GMPP full warranty, the cheapest place to buy it is from Black Cadillac.
The money advisors are dead against them! That being said, I bought one for the first time in my life for the Nox. I got the GMPP $0 deductable 72/72. I did get it from Black Pontiac Cadillac. No sales tax because Im from Michigan so my cost was $1200. Its transferable to a new buyer for a $50 fee. Its refundable (prorated) if you sell it before the warranty expires. Its a gamble. If you need it its fantastic. Odd are you wont. Your call.
I bought the Total Plus GMPP extended warranty for $1,800 CAD. It is the 60 month/80,000 km warranty, with $100 deductible. Pretty steep cost and maybe I was a bit naive when I OK'd that part of the deal.

I would caution others against advocating these extended GMPP warranties as 'bumper to bumper'. In fact, they are far from it. Always read the fine print.
Thanks everyone for the replies. I'll have to call the dealer to get the cost from him and then make my decision. I took it on my Dodge pickup and it did pay for itself due to a couple of issues that occured after the usual 3-year/36K warrenty. I'll probably decide based on what the price tag ends up being.
Your dealer will not be able to compete with the Black Cadillac price.

If you want the price list, PM me your email address. Ill send it over to you.
mine was approx $1380 for the bumper to bumper 5 years.......
Pretty much every major resource says extended warranties aren't worth it. On average, they only pay out 50 cents on the dollar. An extended warranty is an insurance policy which brings with it peace of mind, simple as that. That isn't to say they never pay out and people don't have good experiences with them, the odds just aren't in your favor for that to happen.

On the dealer side, it's just an extra avenue for profit. Their warranties are underwritten by 3rd party insurance and warranty companies, so the dealer could care less how much it does or doesn't pay out. They'll simply pocket 25-50% of the price of the warranty.

Whether or not the risk/reward is worth the $$, it's up to you.
I have only bought one for computers and my Harley, and in all cases I have easily made out great. On a car I don't think I would. Usually any problems will show up in the first year or two.

I only bought it for the Harley because my job security is very iffy and all the warrentee does is give me peace of mind. I just extended that for another 3 years because I ride the $hit out of it and social security won't pay for it.

If you don't drive very much, I wouldn't worry about getting one.
I am interested in a GMPP. Is Black GMC Caddy a safe place to buy from? If I take a copy of their price sheet with me what are the chances my dealership will match or come close to the price? anyone have any experience with this?

I would want the 60 month 60K miles best plan with $0 Deductible.
Black Cadillac has been doing this for years. They are a real dealership and sell a ton of GMPP over the net because they sell it at cost.
I purchase all my extended warranties from Warranty Direct. It is bumper to bumper 7 years 100,000 miles. $1781 with $100 deductible. I've never had any issues with them. I take it to any shop including the dealer. My previous warranty was $1100 and they paid out close to $2000 in claims.
How long is the Bumber to Bumper if the powertrain is 100ki
I purchased the GMPP to bring our bumper to bumper up to 6 years or 120,000 KM, which cost us $2500 +tax (CDN) with a $100 deductible.

I know people who have gone with it and they got more than their money's worth. I figure the average repair bill is never far from $1k, so after a couple of repairs, I'm well on your way to recouping my money.
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