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Extended Warranty Worth It?

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I have a chance to get an extended warranty, bumper to bumper, 100k miles, 0 deductible for 1300. I am new to the GMC family as I always was a Ford guy but after research and a 3 day test drive the Terrain has won me over. I know its a new model vehicle, but from you GMC experienced owners, since I am getting a good deal on the warranty coverage as they are routinely sold upwards of $2,000 should I go ahead and get it? TIA
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How many years? Check out this dealer - lot of people here have purchased from them and saved tons of money.
Price wise looks like you are getting a good deal, the site I posted is listing the same plan for $1,425
ruger35 said: you really mean an extended warranty for an extra two years...since you already have a three year GM warranty...?
ruger35 said:
employee price is about $850 5yrs 60k so anywhere near that would be great
So I was checking this website out since I am getting an SLE-2 on Monday. How do I know that it's legit though?
amartins02 said:
So I was checking this website out since I am getting an SLE-2 on Monday. How do I know that it's legit though?
Call them.
I know this thread is old but I haven't seen an answer to 2 questions...
So, If I buy a 5 year extended I actually buying 2 years beyond the original 3 years??
If so, does the extended only kick in AFTER the original 3?
GM's extended warranty runs concurrently with the basic warranty but is usually purchased for a milage/term which exceeds the basic

It would be wrong to consider it to "kick in" after the basic expired

You are entitled to the extra benefits the extended offers over the basic if a "warrantable" repair occurs during the coverage period.

For more info...

I've been lucky as not having anything fail under warrenty in the past 20 years. I did purchase an extended warrenty (1978) and anything that broke was not covered.. If anything fails on a new car under its 3 year warrenty period it gets fixed. Most defects show up prior to the 3 year end of warrenty. I look at them as a money making add on by the dealer or who ever sells the product.

Now if you plan on beating the crap out of the car, it may be a good idea to have an extended warrenty.
It is somewhat true that extended warranties are like life that they don't pay off until something goes wrong.

Some folk are much better served putting away a couple thousand and letting it earn interest while at the same time being a fund to cover unexpected and uncovered reparis.

For others not having the capital to do so...paying for coverage over time (concurrently with the car note) may be the only option.

With today's labor and parts only takes one major engine or transmission repair to recoup the extended warranty cost...however...

Todays engines and transmissions are by and large covered for time and milage limits which rival the time and milage of extended warranties anyways...


You are going to need quite a few smaller covered repairs to "recoup" your outlay cost of an extended warranty

One needs to look first at what they can and can't afford to do
then contemplate the length of ownership of the vehicle
then compare base coverage and repair history for the vehicle (if available)

If you decide an extended warranty IS for you...PLEASE shop around...the policies are sold in a "commission rich" enviornment

Caveat emptor
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This is the first new car that we've ever purchased an extended warranty for. In fact..we don't buy these warranties on any matter that they push them on practically everything new now sold. With this car,however..we may keep it longer than just a few years like we have in the past. After looking at the more complicated electronics and computer controlled seems that very little would be a cheap fix...or easy find and fix for that matter. Plus..being a GM retiree I received a fairly decent price( $700) on the two year extension. With what I've read recently on some of these threads about trouble that can pop up at any time...or even at any miliege..I don't regret it at all....
I have not financial interest or personal interest in the company below, but found its prices to be quite competitive.

I had it from them on my 2006 Equinox and only had one claim, but with $200 deductible on a $280 claim. I did not get my money back, but when I sold it, I did get a refund of $175.
Well this is my first "New off the lot" car. I did purchase the extended warranty. Reason being is because I used to work for a major retailer and had to "push" them all the time. I was also the type of person to let you make your own decision. I personally buy it on my major purchases because I was also the person who had to tell you NO if something went wrong and you were outside the time frame and didn't have it. Ive seen it go both ways for different people. In my experiences if something major happens it's better to have it. JMO
Phantm006 said:
****I was also the type of person to let you make your own decision. ****
Huh..?...I've always seemed get away with making my own decisions...whether someone 'let' me or not. :shrug:
IceMan said:
Huh..?...I've always seemed get away with making my own decisions...whether someone 'let' me or not. :shrug:
I understand. I was talking to the affect that most people regard sales guys as "pushy" or trying to "force" something on you. I presented the pro's and con's and let you make the call. I've never been the pushy type. Hope that clarifies.
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