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Equinox performed admirably

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We've had our '11 Equinox LTZ AWD for a couple weeks now. We live in the Seattle area, which just got a bit of snow. For those who don't know, snow is treated like a natural disaster in the Seattle area. You can not imagine the chaos that follows a moderate snowfall. That said, our Equinox AWD performed wonderfully! I was pleasantly surprised how nicely the AWD/Stabilitrak handled the road conditions.
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We got about 2.5 inches of snow the first week I had my Nox, and I also marvelled at how well the the combination of ABS, traction control and Stabilitrac made for a very benign driving experience. Oh, and I have the 2WD model and live in Texas where snow is also considered a natural disaster and there are no crews/machines to clear roads. It could be a combination of the Michelin Latitude tires and the extra ground clearance versus a sedan....but I also notice that the Nox handles puddles of water on roadways better than any vehicle I've driven. very little hydroplaning and fishtailing..
cscott said:
I know! I'm from Chicago, so the Seattle reaction to a little bit of snow is always entertaining. It would be funnier if I wasn't stuck in traffic though! :)
The thing is, a 2"-3" snow in an area not used to it can be more dangerous than 12" in a northern state. Not only are roads not cleared, but many people don't know how to drive in it, and nobody has snow tires. AWD would still be useful down here from time to time, but with maybe 4-5 days out of the entire year being really makes more sense just to either be very careful or stay off the road for a day or so.
2010Nox said:
I always say to people who have to drive in snow or ice is that regardless of whether you have FWD, AWD or 4WD, you need to remember that all of these vehicles still only have four tires and four brakes so they all STOP poorly in these conditions.
Yep, people with 4WD/AWD may be able to accelerate a little faster in the nasty stuff, but they're still going to have same problems as 2WD when it comes to stopping...and in some cases cornering if they are going too fast "because they can". Funny thing is, I see just as many jeeps and 4WD/AWD SUVS in ditches and turned over on the side of the road as I do the more obvious 2WD pickups with no weight on the rear wheels. ;)
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