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2020 Equinox Premier

Today I selected a Favorite in Nav and started the drive. I had the display between the tach and speedometer set to an Info Page showing the average and best mileage for the Last 50 Miles.

I was very pleasantly surprised when my upcoming turns appeared in the center display while it was set to display MPG and disappeared after the turn was completed.

On the way home I selected Home in Nav and the upcoming turns did not appear at all. I didn't do anything that I know of to turn the "upcoming turn" function on or off.

Does anyone know how to activate that function so it always works? I haven't had the car very long and I could not find anything in the owners manual about this. I know if I have the cluster display set to Nav it displays the upcoming turns but I was on the Info Page, the second page from full left. Nav is the fourth page on mine.

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