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Equinox 3rd Brake Light Decal to giveaway

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As per this post:

I have an Equinox 3rd brake light decal from as well.
I will take a picture of it and post it today or tomorrow.

I can mail it to an active member here on the forums that has a digital camera.
The member should have at least 20 posts and should be willing to install it on their Equinox, take some quality pictures of it installed, then e-mail the pictures to Custom Brake Lights for possible use on their site.

I had to take at least 25 pictures to get a decent one, so a little time is required.

I am in no way affiliated with Custom Brake Lights, but they did use one of the pics I sent them from our Terrain:

So watch for a picture of the Equinox decal and more info later today or tomorrow if you are interested!
Please send me your mailing address via Private Message and I'll send you the Equinox decal.
Only those who will sincerely make an effort to take some good pics and send them to should ask.
Thank you.


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Hey there,

I got one of these in the mail, it looks just like this one, but I was wondering if the black on this decal is faded in anyway? I can't tell by the picture, but the one I have doesn't seem to be a completely solid black and I am wondering if it's going to let some light through and perhaps take away from the overall effect of the decal only showing the letters...
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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