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Lately, I have noticed what seems to be an intermittent drone or whine coming from what I believe to be the rear end of my Terrain. I've had my Terrain since early December and I have about 4,700 km (2,900 miles) on it. Sometimes I turn the sound system off while I drive and lately it's been warm enough that I turn the HVAC off too, so maybe the sound's always been there and I've just never noticed.

I'm not sure if the sound is normal or not, or even if it's coming from the rear end. It usually happens around 60 km/h (~35 mi/hr) and up under part throttle or light throttle, almost coasting. The drone comes and goes.

Does anyone else's rig exhibit this sort of behaviour? In particular, any V6 AWD owners with the 19" tires hear anything?

This may or may not be related to another sound I hear sometimes at very low speeds that sounds vaguely like a muffler with a loose baffle or a loose heat shield on the underside. If I sit in neutral and rev the engine I can't hear it though.

Both of these noises are not overwhelming or anything... these vehicles have very quiet interiors and I have great hearing so they're noticeable to me. I won't be making an appointment with my dealer (2 hours away) for a few more months for my first scheduled maintenance and I'll be monitoring this until then. I'm very sure if I took it in today, they'd look at me as if I have three heads and tell me it's normal. If they had another V6 in stock I'd take that one for a test drive, but they don't.

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