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Hi all. I searched for this topic, but I'm new to the forum, so I may have missed or overlooked something. If I did, plea for a short timese just point me in the right direction.

Anyway, the driver side front door lock is acting strange. For a few months the drivers door lock has only worked manually - using the key or moving the latch. Today I finally spent the time to swap the latch/motor assembly, which to my surprise has not resolved the problem. What I have noticed though is that if I remove the driver door unlock relay and then put it back in, the drivers door lock seems to function properly for a short time. The symptoms remain the same if I swap the two door unlock relays.

Anybody have a suggestion for next steps for troubleshooting? I'll try all new door lock and unlock relays tomorrow, but I could also believe if this is one of the door lock features that I don't understand, or one of those features malfunctioning due to some other failed component.

Thanks for your help
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