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Does GM think we are stupid buying crappy cars?

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Today i had to take my Terrain to the dealer because i had something leaking... They called me back asking me if i've put some windshield washer fluid at the wrong place because i have a prestone overflow... I telled her that i know where to put windshield washer fluid and that i did'nt put that in for some weeks.

My Terrain is 4000km old and it is my 5th visit to the dealer (4 for the anoying power steering sound) and this one for this leak.

Everybody here seems to have troubles with their Equinox/Terrain... Even if the troubles are important or not... troubles are troubles...

That makes me regret i've not purchased a Kia...

My vacations starts on monday and i am going to a 2000km trip to make some atv rides.

I hope that my problem is not serious and that i will get back my Terrain for the weekend.

I am really thinking about trading off my Terrain for a Ford Edge or a Nissan Murano...
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Re: Does GM think we are stupid headless buyers ?

I don't get it Supermat. What did the leak turn out to be then?
Re: Does GM think we are stupid headless buyers ?

If you do trade it off, be prepared to take the financial loss. These hold there value (short term) pretty well, but you will take a significant loss.
Re: Does GM think we are stupid headless buyers ?

^ I believe Supermat hails from Quebec. As such, his recourse is CAMVAP. It's an arbitration process...
^^ SuperMat is Canadian so no lemon law. There is CAMVAP but the issues are going to have to be a bit more substantial than a power steering squeal and a minor leak.
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