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DIY-How To:2010-2011 Nox MagLight Mod

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For us this Mod started with our Avalanche

Mounting a MagLight to the underside of one of the Saddle Bag Lids

as pictured below...

All pics expand, how depends on your Browser[/color]


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Looks nice. I might look at doing something similar, perhaps with a lamp that plugs into the 12V outlet. :cheers:
RIT333 said:
Last weekend, had a nice/small LED flashlight that plugged into a cigarette lighter and charged NiMH batteries. It was $4.99 I forgot to buy it,a nd it is also sold on for $9.14 shipped.

A friend of mine had one and loves it, and it is very bright.


I was thinking somewhere along the lines of a trouble light. My Bonneville had one in the trunk as part of a roadside convenience package...20 foot or so cord that plugged into 12 volt outlet.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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