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Dexron VI full Syn or blend?

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Greetings to all... I will be draining and refilling my trans fluid next week for what I believe will be the first time on my '13 Terrain V6 (6T70?) at 75k miles. Assuming that the original factory fill was Syn. blend, should I go with a full Syn. Dexron VI or will the Delco Syn. blend Dexron VI be sufficient?. I plan on repeating the service 150-200 miles down the road...

Any thoughts?
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Valvoline and napa dexron vi are identical...Same just relabeled.
If you can find them on sale , stock up.
Thats what Ive used for my trans drain and refills.
Full synthetic.
Ive found Valvoline at walmart online for $4.xx i belirvr... thats when i stock up.
My go to for Dexron VI trans fluid is full synthetic Amalie from Amazon. Have not checked price lately though as still have some in the garage.
Thanks for the feedback!. I definitely do not want to do a flush, so since I'm not going to get all of the old fluid out with a couple of drain and refills, I was just curious if full Syn. would be effective enough (still assuming a blend would have been the factory fill).
Using full synthetic in mine
I'm not sure about the Valvoline max life, but I did have a trans service in the past using the Valvoline "universal" ATF at a infamous quick lube joint that literally grenaded a Chrysler made trans in a Mitsubishi Diamante I once owned...Bad stuff
Maxlife ATF is good stuff. Meets all the specs
Take note, Maxlife info sheets says,

It is not an OEM licenced product.
Manufacturer has neither evaluated or endorsed.

Valvoline Dex VI, is officially licensed and GM approved.

In case youre still under warranty and want to use approved products.
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Semi synthetic is a mystery oil to me. Why would someone not spend a little more to get full protection? Just pony up and get full synthetic no matter the brand. Peace of mind.
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How much synthetic is in a semi synth? Nobody knows for sure, it could be 3% synth not the 50% that a person may assume. Buy the full synthetic.
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I take a short drive. Enough to circulate and suspend particles in fluid and warm it up just slightly...
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