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Delivered!!! SLE2 Terrain

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Well, it came in today!! SLE2 Terrain, Merlot Jewel exterior, Jet Black interior and convenience option as the only option.

MSRP: $27,135
Paid: $25,454 w/USAA discount and Credit Union supplier price
Negative equity: $552
TTL: $945.39

Total out the door: $27,732.95


19 Feb 10: Went to dealer to see about ordering a Terrain. They had one that was exactly what we wanted already coming in at had an order status of 3100. The TPW was 9 Mar 10.

11 Mar 10: Camaro tracking update says that the vehicle is at 3800.

22 Mar 10: Delivered!!!!!! It was expected to come in on the 24th but obviously got here a few days early.

Overall, our purchase was super smooth. Dealer was straight forward with their allocation information which is why we claimed a stock order. If we had ordered it would of taken approx 12 weeks because they didnt have allocation.

Pictures will probably come later this week as my wife will have it all week. :(:(
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Good for you bballr. Enjoy the great ride...I know exactly what your's looks like in the driveway!!
8) 8) 8)
Excellent, congrats bballr4567!!!
That's a wicked nice color combo!
Looking forward to the pics!
Congrats! And nice colour combination. The same as we chose for our ordered SLT-1. Spoke with dealer yesterday and GM has accepted the order (dealer now has allocation) so we have another 4 to 8 weeks to go I guess.
Seveniron said:
Spoke with dealer yesterday and GM has accepted the order (dealer now has allocation) so we have another 4 to 8 weeks to go I guess.
I wouldnt count on that, Ive been at 3000 for about 3-4 weeks now and my car wont even get built in to the 20th of april. I am looking at taking delivery around may 10th if everything goes perfect. <At this point I must admit not so optimistic>
I would guess gmc is getting bogged down and cant keep up with the 8 weeks anymore. Anyways I hope this process works alot better for you than it has I.
Good Luck,
snowitch you would think I just ran over your cat.

Its not a personal attack on you at all. He simply stated 8 weeks I let him know mine has taken considerbly longer."fun fact mine will be longer than 8 weeks in code 3000".

Take the blue pill and calm down. I know they may be getting ready to ramp up production. This does not mean at the current moment in time they are not getting bogged down. Usually when a big company gets bogged down the awnser it to ramp up production. I dont think that is what is happening here. I think gmc saw it coming and tried to be pro active about it. It seems it may have been a little late and they may be a little bogged down. Heck the upgrade to the factory wont be done until august. Happens to big companys. I am not saying this is a fact as I cant prove any of this as much as you can. We can both only speculate and debate. Yes I was a little hot winded when I found the new date on my car as I assume you would be as well. I have gotten over it though and moved on. I was simply telling him my story with my theroies behind it.

Neither one of us work for gm so we can only guess as to what excatly is happening. Neither one of our views should be taken as fact.
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Just an FYI, the welding shop expansion is complete at CAMI and they are now certifying the parts that are going through it.

Also, my order went from 3100 to 3800 in 20 days. The first day we inquired about the order it was at 3000. The day we claimed it, it had been updated to 3100 IIRC.

FWIW, apparently GM is getting MORE orders for the Terrain than the 'Nox yet they had only anticipated that about 15% of people would order the Terrain over the 'Nox. In reality that number is somewhere around 40%. That is putting a HUGE damper on the parts suppliers for the Terrain because they had no idea there would be this much demand.

Wolfe, if you want a V6 Terrain, my dealer has in 2 now. One black and black and the other blue and black. Im not sure if they are sold yet but they are sitting on the lot. They also have 4 more coming in this week that arent sold yet.

If you do call, ask for Enrique. Tell him Mr. Woodard sent ya. Great salesmen to work with.
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