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Costco auto pricing

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We just started looking at the equinox vehicle and wanted to research pricing a little bit before going in to buy one. After reading several of the pricing threads on here I wasn't able to find any mention of pricing, which is what we are looking at using to purchase. The dealer is offering to go under invoice pricing listed on by $400, plus we would get a $200 gift card from Costco. This is on top of any other GM incentives out there (loyalty 1k for example).

What were looking at.

Chrome package

invoice plus destination is $28,483 - $400 = $28,083, plus whatever other things title/IMR etc.
MSRP on this is $30,060 plus title/etc.

Good deal or better discount programs out there?
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I requested prices on an Enclave and an SRX through Costco. The 2 dealers that I got prices from were both higher than I got on my own. The Enclave was $1,000 higher, the SRX was $3,000 higher. And, if you read the fine print on the $200 "gift card", it is for service performed, not including normal maintenance (oil changes, oil filters, tire rotations, etc.), and the term is 6 months, and, it is for one-time use only. If you don't use the $200 at that time, there is no "change" due. It is not accepted by all Costco "dealers". Now, what kind os service would I have done on a new car that wouldn't be normal maintenace or what is covered by warranty. Costco is an excellent service, but not in this case.
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