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Compare Terrain to Equinox to Vue..Great site!

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I found this great site to compare cars. You can compare different years even
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Nice, thanks Roesterman.
It's a very nice layout, I really like the parallel slide shows.
They need to clean up a bit of their info or at least how it is displayed.
They show that they are comparing an I4 Equinox to a V6 Terrain but they still list the V6 HP, torque and towing for the Equinox. Now one could argue that they are just giving the "max" figure available but they didn't afford the Vue the same consideration, it has listed it's I4 stats for HP, torque & towing while it does have a V6 available.
MSN Autos does this as well.

That is how I comapre all my vehicles and do my research.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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