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Can a Terrain learn two sets of TPMS?

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Just wondering if my Terrain can learn 2 different sets of TPMS sensors? It came with the 19 inch wheels, and I took the Hancook tires off and put a set of Blizzak DM-V1's (great tires by the way). Was going to buy some 20's and new tires and would like to know if the truck can have 2 sets of TPMS. I know i will have to relearn every time i switch, but the process is fairly simple. Thanks for any imput.
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I asked my dealer the same question and was told my Terrain cannot store sensors for two sets of wheels. If someone has found a way to do this I would also like to know.
the system can learn an unlimited number of sensors. When you do the relearn procedure it simply wipes out the old sensor Id's and replace them with the new ones.
Thank you all for the info, definitely helped, just bought a set of 20's ;D and tires with sensors, gonna see how the relearn process works out!
I don;t think they "learn" more than they "read". Most TPMS send temp, psi, and ID number to the computer.
They have to learn the id of the ones that are on your vehicle. If they just read they would pick up all the vehicles around you and wouldn't know which ones were yours.
It can relearn as many times as you put new tires/sensor on the car. I just did mine after swapping from my winter tires to my 18" Michelin. I was about to go to the dealer when I noticed the process was very, very easy to do and takes maybe 3-4 minutes tops.
It's a simple process and dont forget to re-learn the sensors when rotating tires so that the correct air pressure is being displayed on the DIC at the correct wheel location.
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