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I’ve been waiting for some time to perform this upgrade and wanted to share with the community for those who may also be interested in doing so. Please be aware before undertaking this endeavor that if you are unfamiliar with working on the hydraulic brake system of a motor vehicle, PLEASE seek professional assistance. I’ve made the best effort to include all of the steps taken to ensure a safe installation, however, I’m not responsible for anyone undertaking this upgrade failing to follow the manufacturers procedure for this process. With that out of the way, here’s where to start:

Parts List:
84314323 Front Right Caliper
84314322 Front Left Caliper
84289368 Front Right Hose
84352486 Front Left Hose
84228316 Front Right Splash Shield
84228315 Front Left Splash Shield
13598076 Front Rotor X 2
19264181 Caliper Hardware Kit

Remove two caliper bracket to spindle bolts and safely support caliper to avoid damage to brake hose.

To replace the smaller Equinox splash shield with the larger Buick version, the three bolts holding the bearing assembly need to be removed to allow the shield to slide off. Thankfully, neither the tie rod end or the lower ball joint need to be removed. The wheel will need to be turned from left to right during this step to access the three bolts. Be mindful to not change the orientation of the bearing assembly as well.

When reinstalling the three bolts be certain to use Threadlock Blue and torque to the proper specifications.

Place the new 345mm rotor onto the spindle and install the rotor keeper screw. I used Permatex anti-seize on that screw as I found both were difficult to remove.
Comparison of the two sizes.

Prior to installing the caliper, I realized the brake hoses were not going to be a direct fit. The brake hose banjo bolt from the Equinox will NOT fit the Brembo caliper as the thread pitches are different. The banjo bolt and copper washers from the Buick hose will need to removed and then installed through the existing Equinox hose. To reduce the amount of brake fluid loss prior to removing the hose from the original caliper, be certain the brake master cylinder cap is on tight. Have paper towels at the ready and quickly remove the Equinox banjo bolt. The copper washers will not slide off; a pair of vice grips or pliers will be needed to hold the washer on the caliper side while removing the bolt. Once removed, the new caliper bolt can be installed.

Insert the new pads into the caliper being certain that the holes at the top of the pads align with the holes in the caliper. Place the caliper over the rotor and install the two bolts that held the Equinox caliper bracket into the caliper. Torque to proper specification.

Install the brake pad hardware spring and pins ensuring that the pins are completely seated into their holes.

Repeat the process for the other side. Once both sides are installed, both calipers will need to be bled. The inner pistons should be bled first, then the outer pistons. I bled the right front caliper and then the left front. I then bled the entire system to ensure there was fresh fluid in the system. My fluid was surprisingly dark at 40K mi. Below are a few additional photos of the vehicle after completion:

A few closing notes:
-My 18” wheels required a 6mm wheel spacer to clear the new calipers. Factory 19” wheels MAY clear the caliper as is, but I would need to research the offset of those wheels to be certain.
-The Buick brake hoses don’t need to be ordered, however, they do come with the correct Brembo banjo bolts. Had I not ordered them, I would not have been able to complete the job. The bolts are available online, but I could not find a GM part number.
-EBC Yellowstuff pads were utilized all around at the time of this installation. They are the best pads I’ve ever used on the street with a good combination of pedal feel and fade free stopping. They will be dustier than the factory pad.
-This setup is mostly for aesthetics, but I do tow often (sometimes right at the towing rating limit) and this setup is just a little extra margin of safety.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I hope this write up is helpful! :)

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Looks good. I'm guessing your Nox is 18'-20' if so the offset of the 19" wheel is +46mm and wheel offset of 18" is +43mm so a even larger spacer would be needed for the 19s.
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