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Break-in per Owners Manual

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The Owners Manual outlines a very restrictive break-in schedule to follow for the 1st 3K miles - i.e no more than 5 minutes of cruise control at a time, stay below 68 mph. etc.

Has anyone actually followed these recomendations exactly a described ? We have 120 miles on the car, and are planning a trip to FL (3K miles round-trip, and it will be very difficult to stay below 68 mph, and not use the cruise for more than 5 minutes at a time.

Any comments ?


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We followed the break in our on Malibu to a T.

Never again.
As SnowItch pointed out, this has been discussed at length already. As I've said in the posts mentioned, warm up the engine thoroughly, and break it in like you stole it.
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