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I only buy genuine gm parts for my Terrain and I've bought alot from this online dealer in the past and this is the first made in china part I've received.
I don't like made in china parts on my truck, thats why i only order from gm dealers.
You would think they would make the tag a little bigger, It's a bit hard to read. Lol

Oh well, I'll just cross out the china and write in USA, Yeah!!! Know what it is?

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So China is GM's biggest market. Figures for 2021 were 2.9 million in China vs 2.2 million in the US - both were a drop from 2020 and 2019. Only seems to make sense that many parts for GM vehicles would be made in China. If you do not like 'China parts' in your vehicle you had best be buying a different vehicle as there are more than we can count. If one has a problem with China parts, oh well, we are stuck with the fact. No amount of complaining by the consumer will change it. Truth is that without that tag, neither you nor I or any other China basher would have a clue as to where the part was made. And just out of curiousity, when did a Terrain become a truck? it is a crossover between a car and an SUV and IMHO not all that exciting a vehicle.
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