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Body Side moldings

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I ordered a set of painted body side moldings for my Terrain today. I contacted an E-bay sealer who listed moldings for an Equinox and found out the same moldings fit the Terrain. They actually now have the Terrain listed for this part number and have the specific installation instructions for the Terrain.
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They did not have a set of Cyber Gray on the shelf so they will be painting and shipping them on Friday. I will post a picture when they are installed. Regardless of what they look like I need a set on my Terrain. My wife does not go out of her way to park the car away from other cars, and I have already noticed 2 small door dings.
Look forward to seeing the install. I am anxious to get these as well. Please post some details on seller, cost, etc. for us. THX.
sactruck, 2 door dings!!!! Time to trade it in. ;D

I'm dreading the day I get my first one......maybe I'll just get a hammer and find a nice out of the way, unnoticable place and give it a little tap and get over the apprehension. LOL
They shipped the moldings today, so I may have them to install this weekend. The dings I have are real small and will probably be covered by the molding. I know if I don't put the moldings on there would be many more dings to come. Will post pictures and order information soon.
Here's a Cyber Gray set I installed the other day...


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I bought some molding from I got them installed today and they look great. These would work as long as the Nox and the Terrain are the same.
Those look really nice. These newer vehicles coming out have so much large area on the doors without protection, all in the name of style. (Terrain, Equinox, Enclave, Malibu...and a ton of other makes and models). Luckily, I don't have a door ding yet on the Enclave (knock on wood), and our 6 year old Bonneville doesn't have any door dings either, but that car has proper moldings from the factory. Why they got rid of them as standard equipment on the newer designs, is beyond me.
Again....I think those moldings you put on the Terrain look great....definitely something that should be an option, either from the factory, or for a dealer installed option.
I installed the moldings this morning. The color match was perfect and the installation was easy with the Terrain specific instructions.

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One mor observation. The positioning per the instructions appears to be well thgought out since the moldings covered the two dings that the door had.
SnowItch said:
Look good. I just wish for the Terrain that they would have emulated the more square fenders of the Terrain rather than the curves of the Nox.[/color] In other words, I hope they come out with a new version specifically for the Terrain rather than re-packaging the Nox moldings.
That is a great observation and idea, Snow...
Must admit from a practicality standpoint they are useful.
I'll agree with snow. The squareness of the Terrain makes them look odd. However, these are great. Much needed from the factory with the huge doors the theta twins have.
I almost got my First ding today to the side door..Sum ignoramous woman had her door wide open against mine..Thought for sure it was dinged but luckily NO..Where did you order that wider moulding on the Terrain..It looks Sharp and not Hard to install?? Would love to get me sum..Where that womans door was looks just the point that those moldings are installed..Any help much appreciated..Thanks
You can call 1-800-548-4867 or 216-447-1777. Tell them you saw them on E-bay and they will match the price ($132 with free shipping). They had mine painted and shipped in 2 days. I had two dings in my Terrain when I ordered them. The installation instructions positioned them directly on top of the dings so they did their homework. They blend in well with the lines of the car and if anything the car looks better with them installed. The fact that the ends are not squared off does not make them look out of place when you stand back and look at the car. I am willing to bet alot of people will be installing the moldings after they get there first ding which is bound to happen with the unprotected doors.
Is the name ZigsAuto on E-bay??
FYI - The Sportwing one's are wider - maybe 2 " - than the other brand.

Yes, E-bay lists the product from Sportwing - IMHO, the preferred type,
Anybody Install these on a Carbon Black Metallic Terrain..What color they ordered?? Thanks If not I have to look somewhere inside for the code
Thanks for all the good info folks. Ordered mine from Sportwing today. As advertised--$132.56 w/free shipping!
Islander..Let me know how the Installation went..What color did u get..I just ordered mine today and used the paint Code in the glovebox...Thanks
sactruck said:
One mor observation. The positioning per the instructions appears to be well thgought out since the moldings covered the two dings that the door had.
Maybe it's my eyes?
Yours seem just a 1/2 inch or so lower than Hog's from the pictures, anyway.
No biggie, just curious.
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