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I did a Google on Terrain and it took me to the GMC Terrain site where i found Bluetooth..I picked the car as Terrain and found my phone..According to their info and all u can tag phone numbers..etc..Anyone look into this GMC site and the Bluetooth Info..I thought I saw somewhere here that u can only dial calls out and no phonebook..Anyone care to check it out and put sum input here..

www.gmc.terrain I was just curious what others know or think...Thanks
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You can't transfer your phone's contacts from the phone to the Terrain. (miss this feature that my Garmin GPS has) The Terrain will let you store numbers that you can use for voice dialing.

The Terrain itself has a phone book, but it's not linked to your phone's phonebook.
TopRow hit the nail on the head - the Terrain's phone book is local to the vehicle itself, and not tied to the phone. Bluetooth itself is only the wireless connectivity, and doesn't guarantee transferring of phone books, music, etc. The Terrain's implementation of BT is pretty standard - that is to say nothing overly special. Unless you have Ford's sync, this is pretty common. Sync is admittedly the best vehicle infotainment system going right now.
Agree that the Sync is the best infotainment system on the market. It can Bluetooth everything including reading your txt messages for you and the voice recognition is 100 times more useful.

I took an Escape on an overnight test drive and very nearly ended up participating in the Escape Owner forums instead of the Terrain Owner forum. :)
But are u saying that the Terrain can store phone numbers and can be tagged but they cannot dial them??Geesh even my Rav4 had a phonebook where u could say a name and it would dial it..
The Terran can store and then dial numbers for you by voice. It is just that it is a separate phonebook from your phone's contact list.

My Garmin GPS can actually receive my phonebook via bluetooth from the phone so I don't have to re-enter names and numbers and can manage them all in one place. The Terrain is a separate phone book so I have to pick a few numbers and enter them in separately from what's already on my phone.
Thats no problem by me..I love playing with gadgets and being 61 and retired..even thou I have alot on my plate will enjoy all the new stuff..

Is the hands free sound pretty good?? In my Rav4 never used it cause ppl say it was staticy so i have a Jawbone 3 Bluetooth in my ear most of the time..

Oh yes the Nav is a mans voice?? Any good saying directions?? I have 1 of the first Garmin StreetPilots that came out..Very big and bulky..suctioncup kept falling off here in Florida from the Heat....

Thanks for your Input..

Very anxious but patient for my Terrain
I set up two iPhones last night on my SLT2 with Nav. Easiest setup and pairing of any car I have had. I understand that the car doesn't sync the address book, which is fairly common, only my BMW did that. I was hoping that I could access the phonebook on the nav screen and type the numbers in, then tag them with a voice tag. As far as I can tell this isn't an option and I have to do it all the phonebook entry via voice command. Can anyone confirm this? It seems really backwards since you have a nice touch screen with the nav.
On my Blackberry Bold 9000, I can press the voice button on the steering wheel and say "bluetooth" (Bluetooth READY) and "voice" (she may say thank you or accessing - I don't recall). Then I will hear my Blackberry voice dial feature say "Please say a command" and I can dial from my phone book.

I have only added a couple of numbers to the Terrain's phonebook feature because it's pretty easy to use my Blackberry's voice app.
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