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Blank lines in iPod interface, GMC firmware

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Does anyone else see multiple blank lines when using the iPod interface? It looks like its not reading my iPhone3GS at all, but I can scroll the menu wheel down and it eventually displays songs or playlists. It's mostly at the top of every list, but it also shows blanks sporadically further down. It also randomly doesn't recognize it, though it seems like that was an iPhone OS .x release ago or so.

A related question: does GMC ever offer firmware updates to fix this type of issue? I don't see this as necessarily an Apple thing. I'm assuming they can update drivers (and the *awful* interface itself - selecting 'search' to browse?) from time to time. Will the dealer notify me of updates available, or do I need to contact them?

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We use a regular iPod, not iPhone and have had no issues that you speak of.
Are you connecting bluetooth or with a cable (pardon my ignorance).
I don't know about firmware updates, I don't see why not?
Definitely worth a trip or phone call to the dealer or GM Customer Service to ask.
Cable, but I don't think it would make a difference. Good to know you're not seeing it in an iPod.
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