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Backordered Rear Cargo Cover

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Did anyone else order the rear cargo cover for their 2010 Equinox? I ordered mine through the dealer and I've been waiting weeks and still no dice. Anyone have a different experience?
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My cargo cover came from the factory as part of one of the option packages I selected.
There is a pretty good chance that most of the covers being made are being installed at the factory(they are running three shifts and still having a hard time meeting demand. This could very easily cause backorders for aftermarket sales at the parts counter.
Good point, SnowItch. I'd have done the same, but mine came off the lot (believe it or not). Maybe I should ask the salesmen to snag one out of any 'Nox they get on their lot...
My dealer actually had one in inventory when I bought the Terrain. $85 or so if memory serves.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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