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Back Glass

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Just purchased a new 2011 equinox. Am I missing something? Does the back glass not open?
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Honestly, you don't want that. I used to have a Tahoe with that feature, and ended up opening the whole back every time anyway. To me it's just one less thing to worry about locking or breaking...2 more hydraulics to worry about.

Plus opening the back full was such a more useful way of putting stuff in the trunk. Especially if you have the lift gate function, no need to worry about hitting the garage door when you park it inside. That was the only time I used the glass opening on my Tahoe, but now I just set the auto lift gate to open 3/4 of the way and don't have that issue.

It's kind of weird though that the dealer didn't mention it when you got the SUV. My dealer opened up every nook and crannie on my Terrain to show me the whole SUV inside and out before I wrote the check
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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