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As of Saturday I'll Be a New Owner of Terrain!

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What feels like weeks and plenty of messages on here, I should be in my new Terrain as of Saturday afternoon. Feels funny, going from driving my good ol' 2005 Mazda6 Sport, to getting into an accident, to fighting with insurance over value of my car, to getting it written off and getting way more than I ever expected, to ordering a Terrain, to them offering me a demo unit, to then having them offer me a fully loaded one from Ottawa. Not a bad two weeks of events!

Anyways, they grabbed it from Ottawa last night and after a 12 hour trip back to Kitchener (6 hours each way), its now at the dealer and being prepped. Yay!
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I apoligize for the poor grammar in the subject, guess im too excited :p
We know the feeling and are happy for you methodfilter!
Congrats in advance!
Im really sooo jealous....

1 month, 13 hours, 3 minutes and 4 seconds until production starts!!!
SnowItch said:
Nice looking vehicle. Looks like the only thing not on it is a sunroof.
no worries on that, the SLT 2 package includes the sunroof!
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