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Are GMC Extended Warranties available at other dealerships for less?

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I was reading that some GMC dealerships offer a extended warranty cheaper than other GMC dealers

I have a 2020 Terrain lease, I intend on buying it out in September. I only have 2600mi on it.

My neighbor was able to get a factory extended warranty for his ford from a ford dealership in Ny, I live in Michigan and am trying to figure out how to purchase a extended warranty cheaper that what my dealership wants for.

Has anyone heard of doing this?

Can anyone point me in the right direction, looking for GMC extended factory warranty only.

Thank You
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The price of the GM warranty is negotiable. Shop around with different dealers. Keep in mind, GM usually requires people purchase an extended warranty before the 3y/36K mile warranty ends (based on the vehicle in service date.)

The warranties are expensive. It may be better to take the couple of thousand dollars you would spend on it, and put it in a rainy day car fund. Then just use that money to pay for repairs instead of buying a warranty you may never use. Your car only has 2600 miles on it. The odds are you would never need to use that expensive warranty. If the vehicle already has had issues, or there are signs it may be developing some, then give it back in September and use the money you would spend on the warranty to buy something else.
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