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Easy question I think. I've looked on the GMC site and it has information for 2011's (which I own) and they all show 6 speed transmissions.

Is it the same answer for 2010? Are ALL transmissions 6 speed?

I ask due to a conversation I had with the lead mechanic at a local dealership.

Some of you may know/remember my topic of bad gas mileage in my "new" terrain - this is an ongoing issue with my dealer. I could go on forever about this problem but a comparison of my neighbor's Terrain and mine over a week of driving shows a ____20%____ difference in gas mileage between the two vehicles.

Anyway, off topic and I don't want to discuss in these forums because there will always be those who tell me both sides (there is a problem, there isn't a problem).

So, the question - are ALL (2010 and 2011) Terrains 6 speed transmissions like I think they are?

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One must also consider things which will vary even though they are all 6 speed:

OEM tire and rim size options

OEM final drive ratio (tow package or no tow package)


These items will affect RPM at a given speed / drivetrain frictional drag / GVW

Other items that are not equal:

Fuel type
PSI in tires
Driving habits
Road surface (city or freeway)
Engine Idle time

It can never be..."oh, they are all 6 speed...therefore...MPGs must be equal"
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