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Anyone powder coating?

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I am thinking of getting my wheels powder coated to a charcoal gray or possibly attempting "black chrome."
I have the 18" painted spokes.
Anyone else thinking of this or have attempted this?
There is a shop that will do it here in town fairly reasonable. I just don't like how bright they are, but I don't want to go all blacked out with a carbon black vehicle.
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I seriously think this would have looked sharp, the 18 inch

I have a SLT-2 with the 18's and black on black. I was planning on doing my wheels, but the only place I could find in Knoxville who did powder coating couldn't lift my car up and hold it on a rack because they had no room. I think they powder coat bigger things then wheels

do it though, I seriously think it would look amazing, I would have had it done already if they had a place to lift my Terrain for a couple of days
Ya, I'm going to do it, just have to free up the funds. They said $92 per wheel, but my day job already uses this company to powder coat parts so maybe I'll see about a discount.

I think that if you did all the work for them, pull the wheels off and get the tires off, they will do it for you. Maybe you can plan a day off and take the wheels off yourself and leave your ride on stands they would do it. Sounds like a lot of work though. That's one of the other reasons I am waiting.
I'm planning to as well with my 18"ers, I "know-someone-who-knows-someone" at a powder coating shop who said he can do it for about $400. Seems like a better option than buying 4 nice rims for about a grand... :)
Also just got the K&N intake for the I4, probably going to powdercoat that too...
Ya, that's about what they quoted me. I'm hoping that since midst job gives them so much business they'll give a discount.

What color you going with?
The company does anodizing also. Might see how much that is. I always likes those ZO6 wheels from the last grn Vettes. That gray metallic color. May be too much metal flake up against my carbon black metallic tho..
The guy in Knoxville offered me $50 a wheel...$400 for a powdercoat job on four wheels is overpriced...just giving you a heads up
That's good to know. Do you have to dismount the tire or will they do it?
well the place in knoxville had a auto shop they sent there wheel customers to dismount them...only problem was that they didnt have a place to leave my car once the wheels were taken off, which was the reason I couldnt do it

I live in the middle of no where going to school so it would have been too hard to do all the extra work.

Tampa, where I'm from, did wheels for %75 a tire with dismounts and a reallignment
so, i went to my dealership yesterday to pick up my plates. i sat down with my sales guy and was just shooting the breeze. i told him i was going to get my wheels powder coated and if he knew anyone. he said, i'm getting mine done too. his brother works for the local Porshe dealership and they use a guy to do all of their wheels. he said that he was quoted like $50/wheel for painting. i was thinking about it and i am going to ask how much it would be to paint and to powdercoat. i think Paint would be fine and the guy said he can paint them any color. plus, the shop is right down the street from my work! my buddy has a 2011 Mazdaspeed wagon and he wants to get his done too. so maybe the 3 of us can get a "group discount?" who knows. will probably go over there thursday or friday and talk to the guy.

anyone heard of anyone painting? i know the usual problems like scratching when dismounting the tire and all, but i don't think it would be that bad. i'm sure he'll give me a jar of touch up and it will be all good.

ps- i am thinking of going with gray metallic, kinda like the the gray anodized like the old ZO6 Vettes.
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These are only $160 a wheel as a FYI

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Sburngasser said:
These are only $160 a wheel as a FYI

nice looking wheels did that include the sensors for tire pressure mouting bal are extra I would guess
Good looking wheel. I like how the aluminum breaks up the black. I don't think I'm going all blacked out though. I am thinking charcoal so you can still see definition in the wheel. I am also thinking about black chrome.
I have had an ongoing love affair with black chrome for a decade

IMHO it's "blackest" is too "soft" a finish for wheel applications

Seems the harder the finished version...the lighter (more grey) the color

I have had a LOT of trim parts black chromed and they last fine with gentle and consistent care


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I'm just trying to figure what goes best with my Carbon Black Metallic. Maybe all black will look ok. I've also toyed with the idea of just painting the inside of the spokes and keep the rest painted silver. I have the 18" OEM 6 spoke wheels. I think that may look good and if it doesn't I'll just tell the guy to paint the rest of the wheel.
I don't have chrome on my wheels so I guess the black chrome won't work anyway.
I've always been a fan of all black everything. Black cars, watches (PVD coated Sea Dweller), black decals, everything lol...maybe I listened to Jay Z entirely too much, but hey haha

Black cars suck when they're dirty, but when they're clean, they look delicious

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Oh I agree. Rarely do you see me not wearing black or all black. I even wear black socks. It's my metal and hardcore roots and black stuff first show stains and stuff as easily.
But, I like seeing definition too. I like seeing a little breakup in the lines and from. If everything is black, then it's hard for your eyes to figure out what you are seeing. Thats why I say I don't want stealth.
Hopefully when we go to this guy's shop he can take some pictures and maybe do a little photoshop on the wheels to see what works best color wise.
Maybe he could even do that chrome piece while he's at it on the front and rear?
This is what I am going to cover my chrome trim with.

This is phase one of my blackout process. Wheels will be next, probably going to paint them black or some shade like black.
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I just saw a picture of the 100th Anniversary 2012 Vette an it comes with black satin wheels. I think I am going to paint mine that color. I don't like matte and I think gloss black would be too much.
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