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Android, in your car?

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This sounds cool!

Basically, GM will replace the "OS" or whatever electronically powers the GPS/Radio/Etc in future cars with Google's Android OS. Those that know me have heard me state that I believe Ford does have it up on GM for the ease and ability of their electronics in current vehicles. If GM pulls this off, then the tables will definitely be turned.

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How about this one?


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Data for your Theta!
I have liked the 'non-proprietary' approach that GM has used w/ the current premium system. I use a windows-mobile phone (6.5, HTC Imagio), and it hooks up to USB perfectly and no issues whatsoever with going through media or phone connections, etc. I like the idea of being able to plug in nearly anything (except for certain dumb devices that aren't configured to share data through standard protocols).

I think that going with a proprietary system (Microsoft sync, android, i-phone/i-pad) is a bad idea. In the short-run, maybe cool, but certainly in these times, the dominant player can change in a very short time and lose support, accessories, etc...especially because I like to keep a new car for at LEAST 10 years.
I've played quite a bit with Ford's Sync system in a friends car. It's very friendly to many devices. Much more than GM's electronics are. But I do find some things easier to do on GM's stuff.

Android is still quite young. But fortunately, it doesn't have a LOT to do in a car (compared to a PC or phone that is). Time will tell.
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