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I have a 2018 Diesel Equinox and I have replaced my fuel filter. It now takes about 2 seconds to start unlike before where it was instant. Where is the air bleed valve for the fuel system so i can bleed it?

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Fuel System Priming
Note: For the fuel system to work properly, air cannot be in the fuel lines. If air gets in, the engine may not start and the fuel lines will need to be primed before operating the vehicle.
If air is present, the following may have happened:
  • The vehicle ran out of fuel.
  • The filter was removed.
  • The fuel lines were removed or disconnected.
  • The fuel filter water drain valve was opened while the engine was running.
If one or more of the above occurred, air has entered the fuel system and you will need to prime the system prior to operating the vehicle.
  1. Prior to priming the engine, ensure that the following has been completed:
    • There is fuel in the fuel tank.
    • The fuel filter has been installed and properly tightened.
    • The fuel lines are properly connected.
  2. With the engine off, press and hold ENGINE START/STOP button without applying the brake for five seconds to place the vehicle in Service Mode. Wait approximately five seconds and press ENGINE START/STOP again to turn it off. Complete this step three times while the engine is off.
  3. Press and hold ENGINE START/STOP button while applying the brake for a maximum of 40 seconds at a time, with five seconds between attempts, until the engine starts. If the engine tries to run, but does not run smoothly, increase the RPM’s slightly by using the accelerator pedal. This will help force air through the system.
  4. Repeat Step 3 if the engine stalls and will not restart.
  5. Once engine starts and runs, allow it to idle for a few minutes to make sure air is purged from fuel system.
  6. Stop engine.

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Fuel Filter Life Reset
Diagnostic Instructions
This procedure resets the control module learned values of the component/system: Fuel Filter
When to Perform the Procedure
Perform this procedure when the following component has been serviced:
  • K20 Engine Control Module — Replaced
  • Fuel Filter — Replaced
Conditions for Running the Procedure
Ignition = Run/Crank
Reference InformationScan Tool Reference
Control Module References
With Scan Tool
  1. Ignition » On / Vehicle » In Service Mode
  2. Select: Module Diagnostics
  3. Select: Engine Control Module
  4. Select: Configuration/Reset Functions
  5. Select: Reset Functions
  6. Select: Fuel Filter Life Reset
  7. Follow the instructions on the scan tool.
Without Scan Tool
  1. Ignition » On / Vehicle » In Service Mode
  2. Transmission in Park
  3. Note: The Fuel Filter Life will only display on the DIC if the Ignition is On, the vehicle is in Service Mode, and the gear selector is in Park.
  4. Display the Fuel Filter Life Remaining on the DIC. If the vehicle does not have DIC buttons, use the trip odometer reset stem.
  5. Press and hold the SET/RESET button on the DIC, or the trip odometer reset stem if the vehicle does not have DIC buttons, for more than two seconds. The Fuel Filter Life Remaining will change to 100 percent.
  6. Verify the procedure was successful.
    • If the procedure was not successful
      Refer to: Step 1
    • If the procedure was successful
  7. All OK.
Repair Instructions
Perform the Diagnostic Repair Verification after completing the repair: Diagnostic Repair Verification

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If you used a crappy filter it could cause problems too
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