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Air Dam problem ???

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I already have had a problem with the air dam on my 2011 SLT! Last night I pulled into a parking place, didn't hear a thing but when I backed out I heard a scraping noise. I didn't think anything of it, since I had parked my other car there before)2008 Prius !!!!) and no problem. This moning I came out and the "****" thing was slightly pulled from the body.
How disappointing that a CUV would have such a low air **** and why is it made from a hard "plastic". The Prius has a low profile and a dam, but it was made of hard rubber and able to give when it comes to a curb. Now, with just 1500 miles on it I'll have to take it into a body shop and either buy a new dam and have it replaced or spend the money and have this one fixed. No, it didn't damage the front end, but ticks me off that GM was so stupid to put that type of dam on this vehicle, or maybe it was me being stupid for moving from a Toyota to a Terrain. Actually, I really like this vehicle, but my enthusiasm is waning.
BTW, just got my first recall and maybe that will help the cold cranking noises.
So, be very careful how you pull into parking places.
Has anyone else had this problem?
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Not sure about the Terrain, but on the Equinox, the air dam is a part of the whole front bumper. If that is the case, you might be looking at a $1000 bill or repair, so you may want to start trying to ignore it.
On the Terrain it is definitely not one piece and it is held on by clips and screws. There's no paint or body damage. It was pulled away from the clips and I was almost able to pop it back. I'm sure it will need to have a body shop do it and worse scenario would be a new dam. It doesn't need painting.
If anyone is following this topic, I gave it a go yesterday and attempted to "fix" this myself. I almost got it together and if I can find some clips I think I can get it almost perfect without taking it to a body shop. I removed one of the screws in the wheelwell(it was messed up) and the dam came free. Then I started on the strong side and worked it onto the molded clips and it was working fine When I got to the "bad side I borrowed a clip and screw" and popped it in place, screwed it down and it doesn't look bad. When I get the clips, I'll redo the job and hopefully it will look body shop repaired.
Any ideas?
Yeah, why you are down there measure the clearance for us. I am disabled and cannot get down to the ground and do the stuff I could when I was young. I would really appreciate it. If it makes you feel better, my last car was a Pontiac G6, I scrapped the air **** the first day! On the second day I did it again. It had a ridiculously low clearance, like 7 inches!. I never fixed it, because I knew I would do it again, and again, and again! I noticed it ever time I looked at that car too! I would park and hear nothing, and then when pulling out I would hear it scrap!. It is a stupid design, I am sure to get more money from us. Anyway, if anyone can tell me the clearance I would be grateful!
I have a 2011 terrain sle color is black.

The bumper cover has "popped" the clip to the bottom of the headlight where it meets up with the fender.. the curve around the head light is also pushed out some.. There is only 14K miles on it. I have not hit anything or had and parking / curb issues...

Looks like a trip to the dealer for some tlc...
They sell those push clips at Autozone....saw a huge selection when I was in there today.
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