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After market stereo

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I'm looking at getting into a terrain in the next month. I am a bid of a mod freak when it comes to my vehicles, my current one being a 2006 Mustang GT, supercharged, custom paint, stereo, rims, etc.. etc... My plans for the terrain are alot less ambitious simply interested in maybe adding a better set of speakers and sub to the stereo and some nice wheels.

My firs question is about the stereo part of my plans. The head unit in the terrain is pretty unique and wouldn't be easily replaceable with an aftermarket one so does anyone know if it has rca outputs for external amps?
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SnowItch said:
No there aren't outputs, your best bet is to get something like the JL Cleansweep.

It will allow you to add amps, etc. while maintaining all of the stereo controls.

BTW - this is covered in several discussions on this site. The speakers in the system are quite good. I've always replaced my speakers with after-market on other vehicles I've owned. Don't think I'm going to do it this time. I might add a 2nd sub-woofer if I can find a place for it, but other than that, I'm quite happy with the sound.
yeah, i already have my eye on the JL CleanSweep. Was just curious if there were hook ups so i could put my current amp and sub on until i get around to doing the whole system. Who knows I may end up not changing anything. It'll take more time than Ive had while test driving to decide what i like and don't like about the stereo. I'm just like a little kid at Christmas when it comes to new toys.
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