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After market headrest monitors

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Hey guys I am waiting any day for my terrain to show up. GMC says off the truck on the 1st. slt2 v6 nav everything but the rear dvd that GMC forgot to put in there. I have been researching screens for the head rest and like these

but wanted to know if tying into the main nav system would be difficult. I know the nav has the dvd player already in there and the system allows you to choose which screen gets what from the nav but dont know if there is anything special interface wise that would need to be done or if i can just tie these into the system. I have searched online and found the stereo breakdown but cant find how where to hook these up. Thanks for the info ahead of time.
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I doubt those screens will have the full integration with the GM system, I suppose the NAV has an ext input in the form of RCA connectors so it should be relatively easy but I don't know what you'll miss.. If I was in your socks I'd wait until you get the one you like or if you're like me you're never going to like it cause it was not what you really wanted in the first place... You're spending a ton of money and now you have to compromise??

I don't like to bring the car in to the "experts" to install anything electronic that can cause electronic gremlins with the car and the warranty will be affected by that... The new cars have enough electronics already to let a HS drop-out to cut/splice/wires that are part of the network (yes new cars have a network with protocol, etc.). I was a car stereo installer and no way I'll let anyone do surgery in my cars (not even me).
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