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Hi All - first post from me in the forums, but I'm a regular visitor and value the information that everyone provides out here.

This past week I upgraded from a 2015 Terrain V6 to the 2018 Terrain Denali with the 2.0t engine. I was never a fan of the interior/technology in the 2015, but the 2018 was a major upgrade IMO. I purchased my old Terrain without the towing package, but was able to purchase an aftermarket hitch/wiring setup. Interestingly enough the plug-in for the wiring harness was packed away down by the spare tire, so I was able to purchase the 4-pin wire and plug in to said plug on the car and the lights worked great.

With the new Terrain - I'm struggling a bit in terms of trailer wiring. When I went to purchase the Denali - it did not have the trailer package included, but remembering what I had done previously with the 2015, I figured I could do the same (find a wire hiding behind the bumper and plug in a 4-pin adapter and be on my way). So far, this is proving to not be the case. In hindsight, I should have done some better homework and found a Terrain with the Towing package pre-setup, but between the dealer saying trailer package vehicles were rare in the 2018 models (FALSE) and my lack of research, I'm now in the situation that I am.

My question: any other Terrain/Equinox owners in the same situation? I've been digging through forums, googling, etc and most sites suggest there's a wire hiding behind the rear bumper towards the driver side in which I can plug into. I cannot find this on my vehicle. May be that I'm not looking in the right place, but so far I've come up empty handed. Appreciate any insight that anyone may have!
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