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just searchin for ideas for adding a sub....mainly locations.....i know i can buy the pioneer plastic enclosure for the rear, and splice in an amp to power it, but if im gonna do it, id rather add more then a 7" sub (if you can call it that) mid range driver....

granted pretty much all my cargo space is dedicated to the dogs, i do have enough to add a truck style box with a 10 back there, but i dunno....seems too

i stumbled upon this design....a universal box for chevy suvs/trucks....

priced at $190 bucks though....ouch....i could see $100....maybe $120.....but at that price, i might have to pull out the 3/4" mdf and see what i can do...

there is a good amount of space under the rear seat for a shallow mount sub, so thats a semi option....

anyone out there put some thump in their nox?
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