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When I bought mine I thought the USB was standard including in the base model I have. I didn't even give it a thought until I got home with it. Oh well live and

I have found that I can get the PDIM from GM for $200 and my local dealer will install it and upgrade the radio to accept it for $175. So for me to be able to play my Ipod or Iphone in my car will cost me basically $400!!!! I mean really?

So I really want to do this but if I could save a few bucks with an aftermarket device to do the same thing that would be great. So does anyone have any ideas??? Before anyone says it I do not want to go the FM route having to tune my to 88.7 TheFuzz. Sounds like I want it hard wired to the stereo like the PDIM. The only ones I have seen will not work on anything newer than an 2009.

Thanks for the help in advance.
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